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47L serie digital Indicator

M-system 47L Indicator is 4 of 4,5 digit LED display verkrijgbaar in verschillende kleuren. 96 x 48 mm LED color selectable: Red, Orange, Green, Bluegreen, Blue, White Field-selectable input range 100-240 Vac or 24 Vdc powered Options: alarm, transmitter output IP66 front panel Separable terminal block

The 47 series retains M-System’s noted performance and functionality in a new stylish design. The 47 Series lets you choose from LED display type models and LCD display type models. Both display types offer the following features: Shallow depth of 98.5 mm (3.88"). Vertically staggered terminal blocks for easy wiring. Detachable two-piece terminal blocks for convenient maintenance. Standard 48 x 96 panel cutout size allowing 47 Series models to be used as replacements for other meters. IP66 protection front panel. One-touch panel attachment — No need for tools! LCD display type models augment the above features with an additional range of functionality. Display (1) Main display Indicates present values, setting values. (2) Sub display Indicates the present setting mode. (3) Status indicators Indicate Max/Min display mode, Forced zero mode, and Tare adjustment mode. (4) Alarm indicators Indicate alarm status of the input signal. (5) Bargraph Indicates present signal level against the scaled range. (6) Function indicators Indicate setting modes and status. (7) Infrared interface Used for the infrared communication. (8) Max/Min button Used to switch the main display to show present values, maximum values or minimum values. (9) Alarm/ Button Used to move on to the alarm setting mode; or to shift through setting items in each setting mode. (10) Scale/ Button Used to move on to the scaling setting mode; or to shift through setting items in each setting mode. (11) Shift button Used to move on to the setting standby status and shift through display digits in each setting item. (12) Up button Used to change setting values, to execute/cancel Forced Zero, or to set input signal values during ‘Teach’ calibration. The 47D models features an LCD display, which enables it to provide more detailed information without increasing power consumption compared to LED type models. Taking advantage of this feature, this model offers a bar graph that covers the full display range able to be seen at a single glance. They use a high-brightness LED backlight and support switching of display colors, allowing alarms to be indicated by changes of the display color.


DC input, indication only 47LYV
DC input 47LV
RTD input 47LR
Strain gauge input 47LLC
AC voltage/current input 47LAC
VT (voltage transformer) input 47LPT
CT (current transformer) input 47LCT
AC line frequency input 47LHZ
Frequency (pulse train) input 47LPA
6-digit pulse input totalizer 47LPQ
Thermocouple input 47LT
Potentiometer input 47LM

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